About who I am

Hello my name is …. my nickname is …. I was born on March 25 1993 i living in Chiangmai (Northern of Thailand) with my big family.I live with my mother and relative (grandmom , uncle ,aunt …)
my father not living with us but he’s not divorce with my mother or has a new family he just separate because he has a lot of works to do.he is a politician.Me and my mother understand him.I meet my father every weekend or 2 -3 times for week. we will going out for dinner almost everyweek.
I don’t have any brother or sister so that’s make me boring sometimes but i do not sad about it because i’m not kind of person.I’m an active, easy-going and talkative person i mean i love enjoy to talk with new people.
Self-Confident is my charactor hahaha that why i think i different from other student but sometimes i have too much confident it’s not good to me (i know that) I love sport! hahaha Basketball Batminton Volleyball etc. i like to try new things (*Except if it too much dangerous i won’t try it hehe..)
In thailand i can’t play ski because We don’t have snow in here that’s make me sad a little i wish it’s will be snow one day in the future (*crying on her face with a wistful eyes) Oh and not just only sport i also love music too. i can say music is my life ( * Big Smile on face)
i can play piano, guitar (just a little) and some thai musical well..actually i can play more than i have write but i can’t play it untill the end of song
I mostly love listen to the music I like RnB and some of hiphop songs
i don’t like sadness songs because it’s make me feel blue…wow i think i have write too much about music haha (back to myself) i interested in other languages spanish polish german something about social cultures & lifes. In my free time i like to play computer,sleep,listen to music, read about philophy When i was young my mom always bought me philophy books so i familiar with philophy and i admit i don’t like to read a comic book like other teenages.
as i told before i’m an easy-going person but i’m not going to tell that i’m a good child or excellent. nobody born with perfect things
i honestly to tell that sometime i’m a lazy person like other teenages
but i still have responsibility on my works (i’m sure)

My ambition is be a rich business woman and the lawyer in the same time
so i must to study hard and be more mature. I hope that my life will be better and better and I hope that my stay in America will a rewarding experience with no troubles. Finally, I hope all my dreams will come true. I will be very happy if I succeed in my studies and in my life.


About Myself

I am Michael T. Banci. I am 22 years old, I live in Victorina Heights Bacolod City.

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Together with my Friends
Together with my Friends